The Advantages of Online Proctored Exams You Must Know

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Technology has given us the ability to do things that improve our livelihood and convenience. Online education and assessment is one such example of effective use of technology.

After the coronavirus outbreak, the government has closed off all the educational institutes in our country. It has put a risk to the future of education and life for all the students. Gone are the days when students used to travel to a test centre to take up the exams.

Amid the pandemic, institutes, and exam bodies move towards online examinations and remote proctoring to continue taking exams of the students and make sure education goes on at a normal pace.

Proctoring or invigilation is an essential part of any examination. Proctor makes sure that there are no unfair practices taking place in the examination.

Invigilation is easier in the physical examination. But with an online examination, the candidate takes exams from his/her home without any physical invigilator. And remote proctoring is necessary to make sure the exams are fair and valid.

Types of Remote Proctoring

In remote proctoring, the candidates are usually proctored by webcams, mic, and screen tracking. But there are mainly three types of remote proctoring in the market.

  • Live Online Proctoring: An invigilator monitors the candidates’ videos, audios, and screen usage feed in real-time from a remote location. It is not very different from offline proctoring except for the availability of the remote location.
  • Recorded Proctoring In this type of proctoring, candidates’ webcam, audio, and screen usage feed are recorded in real-time. And the invigilator reviews the recording at a later time. This removes the time constraint to monitor candidates actively but retains the limitation of the active involvement of human invigilators.
  • AI-based Proctoring The most advanced form of proctoring is AI-based proctoring. And it almost removes the need for human proctoring. With the use of face recognition, eye tracking, and object tracking ability through the webcam, AI-based proctoring systems can monitor and detect any suspicious behaviour of the candidates in real-time.

This proctoring type limits the candidate from cheating by disabling copy-pasting, switching to other tabs, and accessing any other apps during the test. Automatic proctoring does not require human invigilators’ active involvement, and it makes AI-based proctoring efficient and foolproof.

There are numerous benefits of remote proctoring for both organizations and the exam candidates.

Here are a few of them.

Benefits for Candidates

  • Candidates can enjoy greater flexibility on the time they want to give the examination. Because the exam does not require any human proctor, exam organizers can give the candidates an “exam window,” in which the candidates can give the examination at any time.
  • Candidates can choose to sit wherever they want provided the place is well lit to be picked up by the webcam.
  • Giving an exam from home is more relaxing than giving an exam from the exam centre. It increased productivity and the chance of doing well in the examination.
  • Remote proctoring gives a sense of privacy to the candidates. Many candidates don’t want to give exams in a busy test centre because of the distractions. But with remote proctoring, they can give their exams in the privacy of their homes.
  • Nowadays students have more experience in using computers than writing. And giving pen and paper exams will make the candidates slower with respect to the online computer or tablet-based exams.

Benefits for Organizations

  • Remote proctoring removes the need to hire in-person invigilators and physical test centres. It removes a huge financial burden from the exam organizers.
  • With low cost and easy application, remotely proctored exams can be conducted frequently. Instead of taking a big long exam, students can give more frequent short exams and access their progress.
  • Online proctoring offers the possibility to scale the exam to a global level. It boosts organizational capability and increases their revenue.
  • Online proctoring increases security and reliance. As with AI-based proctoring, it is very hard to cheat in the examination. If serious unfair practice occurs, they can be immediately removed from the examination. If any other issues arrive, the exam organizers can review the exam record at any time after the examination.
  • The big entrance exams or the semester exams of schools, universities all generally happen at the same time. And it has become hectic for the exam organizers to find venues of examination. But remote proctoring exams have eliminated the need for physical exam centres and made the exam organizing process a lot easier.

The Drivers of the Growth in Demand for Online Proctoring Exams

  • The increased use of online education amid the pandemic forced the exams to go online.
  • The ability to proctor and prevent any unfair practices in an online exam with remote proctoring.
  • The convenience of giving exams from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce the financial burden from the exam organizers for finding and booking exam venues.
  • A wide variety of questions can be used in the same examination.
  • Reduce logistics of carrying exam papers and other equipment.
  • Easy assessment of the answer sheets, secure storage, and easy result moderation for the papers and results.


Parakh Online Pvt Ltd aims to provide educational institutes a foolproof online examination system with remote proctoring.

Our online exam proctoring solution increases security, convenience, and confidence in the online exam process. And we focus on having the same level of security and confidence in our online exam proctoring solution.

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