How Online Assessment Software can Reduce Examination Stress

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No matter how much you study, exams are stressful. There are different levels of stress associated with exams.

Mostly the stress comes because of the fear of not performing well in an exam. "Will I be able to remember everything in my exam?" What if I can not score well?" "If I fail, what will everyone think?", etc.

Research has shown that exam stress is a real issue that reduces the candidate's performance in exams. Scientists have also seen that a student's score can be reduced 12-35% due to test anxiety.

Although some people are naturally stressed during the exam, for the most part, the exam stress is in control of the candidate itself. For example, if the student studies well for the exam, it's likely that they will experience less stress.

There are other reasons for stress in exam centers, which are not in control of the candidates. It's the external factors like, "What if I get to the exam center late," "Did I packed all the documents?" and different other worries.

Online assessment software can be a helpful tool to eliminate these stresses from students.

Benefits of Online Assessment Software

1. Having to Write for Long Periods

Taking a handwritten exam can be stressful for some students, as many students are insecure about their own handwriting. But with computer-based examinations, students can take the exams without being worried about lousy handwriting. Typing answers is a much faster and easier way to take an exam than writing an exam.

2. Taking a Test When You're Ready

Another massive advantage of online assessments is that it's location and time-independent. With computer-based examination, the exams are proctored with online proctoring, and candidates can take the tests at their own convenience. You can read more about online proctoring here.

It gives candidates the flexibility to take the time to mentally prepare for the exams, and reduce anxiety.

3. Surroundings

Online proctoring revolutionized how online exams are conducted nowadays. It allows the candidates to take exams from the comfort of their homes. It eliminates the stress associated with traveling to an unknown place and taking the test in a large room with hundreds of other students.

With online assessment, candidates can familiarize themselves with every element of the exam process by themselves. If they need, they can take multiple practice tests before the exam to get familiar with the exam process.

It helps them eliminate any anxiety related to the exam process and helps them focus on the actual exam entirely.

4. Less Stress on Exam Day

Candidates have to deal with a lot of stress on the exam day apart from the stress of taking exams. There is stress associated with visiting an unknown place to take the exam. It's also exhausting to go through the lengthy verification process before the exam.

With online assessment, candidates can easily avoid these hassles and take the exam in a stress-free way.

The ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus once said, "Time is the most valuable resource a man can spend." And it holds true to this day.

Exam bodies need to start implementing online assessments to improve the exam process and reduce exam-stress for candidates. Parakh Online Pvt Ltd. can help your institute conduct exams with our in-house online assessment software. Go to to know more.

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