7 Important Points To Keep in Mind Before Buying an Online Proctoring Software

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Online proctoring is a reasonably new technology in the online education market. But it is gaining rapid popularity in the market and for a good reason.

The global pandemic has put the whole world into hibernation. All institutes, schools and universities are moving their education and examination online. And for them, remote proctoring has been a reliable solution to take secure online examinations.

Online proctoring is a reasonably new solution, and most schools, colleges and universities are using it for the first time. A survey conducted by Educause revealed that 33% of the professionals don’t know how to distinguish between a good proctoring solution from a bad proctoring solution

Online proctoring solutions are not cheap. Most of the time, they come with their own LMS software. And those coming without any LMS have some complexity when integrating with existing LMS software. That is why, before buying a remote proctoring software, institutes have to do a lot of research about the compatibility and the usage of the software.

Here we have tried to put together a list of features that you must keep in mind before choosing the remote proctoring solution for you.

Factors to Choose the Right Online Proctoring Tool:

1. Details

As an institute, your goal is to minimize the use of multiple tools to complete a job. The more number of tools you use, the more chances of faults, errors and inefficiency.

Handling multiple tools at once is difficult for exam organizers at the time of live examinations. That is why your goal should be to minimize the number of tools and use a proctoring solution where you will get all the necessary tools in one place.

Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. has such a comprehensive online proctoring solution with online examination and skill test proctoring capabilities. With the help of biometric solutions, it eliminates the possibility of impersonation. Also, with the use of video and audio based monitoring, the proctoring solution makes sure that students don’t cheat during an examination. Invigilations can choose between live monitoring or AI-based monitoring as per their requirement directly from the portal.

2. Scalability

The most important advantage of the online ecosystem is that it is scalable. Schools, colleges and universities can take online classes from anywhere in the world, and the attendees can be 10 to 10,000; literally, there is no bar.

And you need to make sure before buying a remote proctoring solution that if the solution is flexible enough to handle varying scales of examinations.

Some institutes even work internationally. The candidates take exams from around the globe. That is why the online proctoring solution must be scalable and flexible enough to conduct exams on different time slots.

3. Integration

Ability to integrate with other software and tools is one of the greatest advantages of a proctoring solution. Usually, the proctoring solution comes preinstalled with the LMS solution. But not all institutes need an LMS solution.

Most institutes already have an LMS system in place. They just want the standalone proctoring solution that can integrate with their current systems and works as effectively as with the parent LMS solution.

It is really an important question as not all proctoring solutions come with the ability to integrate with all the LMS software out there.

Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. remote proctoring solution is a leading example of an Ideal remote proctoring solution. It allows you to seamlessly integrate the proctoring solution with the existing LMS solutions. And gives the test takers a smoother experience.

4. User Experience

User experience is one of the critical factors of any software solution. The user experience of the remote proctoring solution must be simple, else it will be challenging to learn by the exam administrators as well as students.

Most of the remote proctoring solutions are automated. That is why every exam proctoring solution needs intuitive navigation to interact with the software, to ensure the exam organizers have full control over the software.

The security of the software is also an important aspect. Online proctoring solutions are integrated with monitors, browser, webcam, mic etc. So, a glitch in the system can make the whole system malfunction and impact the candidate’s exam experience.

Similarly, students take exams from various types of devices such as a computer, mobile, tablets. And test takes have to make sure that the proctoring solution they buy is compatible with all types of devices.

5. Flexibility

All LMS software is different, so it is different from the process of operation of all the institutions. The remote proctoring service you are buying needs to be flexible enough to work flawlessly with your current system. With a lot of different similar products in the market, it can be challenging to find the perfect solution that will suit your business needs.

However, most solutions will provide you with an option to customize every bit of the solution to suit your needs.

For example, Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. remote proctoring solution, lets you customize the features to meet the needs of your business.

6. Cost

Cost is one of the biggest factors contributing to the buying decision. As it is a digital product, you need to take into account the service you are getting with the product.

It is always better to invest in an end-to-end software that takes care of all your tasks rather than going for a solution that makes the task more difficult to do.

Also, you can not change your proctoring software over and over. It is a one-time investment that can help you save time and money. Using different solutions for different purposes can be problematic and can hamper the smooth running of examination.

7. Tech Support

Proctoring solution is a technology solution. And with all technology solutions, an excellent technical support team is absolutely necessary.

Having a 24*7 support team, who can respond to your queries instantly, becomes highly essential during a live examination. When you buy a solution, keep tech support at your highest priority.

Wrapping Up

Remote proctoring solutions are improving with the advancement of technology. However, there are many remote proctoring solutions available in the market. But you should choose that one solution that stands out in the market and fulfil your needs.

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