Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. offers a robust test engine developed for the exam centers to conduct any type of examination. The test engine comes with a private server, a question management systeam, an automatic backup systeam, multi -level firewall protection for easy and secure exam conduction.

test engine,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd. test engine,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

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provide private server,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

Provide Private Server

Conduct exams with or without internet connection with private servers

High capacity,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

High Capacity

The test engine can conduct exams of 300,00+ students in one sitting.

secure,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.


The test engine offers a secure examination with a triple layer backup systeam with SSL encryption.So your data is always safe.

flexible,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.


The test engine can conduct any type of examination suitable for entrance exams, recruitment exams, semester exams, and mock tests for coaching centers.

multiple language support,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

Multiple Language Support

The test engine supports various languages. You can create questions in English and any other regional languages at once.

white label solution,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

Whitelabel Solution

Test engines can be sold to other organizations as a standalone solution. Other organizations can easily integrate it with their existing process.