Remote exam management is a solution developed by Parakh to conduct online examinations amid the pandemic. With the help of remote proctoring ability, easy question bank setup, and flexible test environment, exam bodies and educational institutes can conduct any examination securely from the comfort of home.

remote exam,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd. remote exam,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

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remote exam,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

Conduct Remote Exam

Create and conduct exams from the comfort of your home.

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Easy Question Paper Setup

Setup and deploy question papers directly from your mobile, with easy click and upload feature.

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Remote Proctoring

Make sure candidates are not taking any unfair practices during the exam, with AI-based remote proctoring.

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Flexible Test Environment

Institutes can conduct any type of mock tests, class tests, semester examinations, entrance examinations, recruitment examinations, and skill tests With flexible test engine.

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Detailed Performance Report

Get an instant evaluation of the examinations with automated paper checking. And provide students with detailed performance analytics concerning different criteria.