With a lot of computer-based exams happening nowadays. It has become essential for exam centers and students to get familiar with the new technologies in CBT exams.

Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. has developed an innovative solution to collaborate with different computer lab centers and conduct mock exams for students in partnership. It helps the students as well as the invigilators to become familiar with the exam process.

remote exam,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd. remote exam,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd.

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Book Exam

Book exam from the website or MEC mobile app.

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Make Payment

Pay for your mock exam.

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Download Admit Card

Download your admit card from the web portal or the mobile app.

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Verify Identity

Biometric verification of the student is done at the exam center.

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Take Exam

Students take exams from the seats that are randomly generated after the biometric verification.r checking. And provide students with detailed performance analytics concerning different criteria.

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Instant Result

Students get detailed results with performance analytics instantly after the examination. The results are also mailed to the respective student's email id after the exam.


Get Familiar with the Exam Process

With so many examinations happening everywhere, mock exams help both studentsand invigilators to get familiar with the exam process.

Check Exam Centers

Before the actual exam, exam centers conduct mock exams to check if every processis working fine.

Monitor Progress

Students can evaluate their progress with the help of detailed performance analytics.