Parakh online Pvt. Ltd. offers a centralized portal for searching and booking exam venues across India. New exam venues can register themselves on the portal. And clients can search, evaluate, compare, and book exam venues directly from the portal.

Exam Venues booking,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd. Exam Venues booking,Parakh Online Pvt.Ltd

We offer a centralised portal for doing all booking and auditing related activities which offers a systematic approach for everyone

Exam Center

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Search Exam Venues

Use multiple filters to search suitable exam venues for your examination across India.

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Paperless Audit Management

With a smart mobile application, an exam venue audits can be conducted effortlessly without any manual process.

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Book Exam Venues

Clients can easily book exam venues with customized seat requirements, price requirements, customized date slots, and other terms & conditions. Also, clients can easily track the booking status from the portal.

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Payment Management

With integrated payment management systeam, Clients can make payments directly from the venue booking portal.

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Audit Report

Comprehensive audit reports are generated to help exam venues find the gaps in the process and reduce system failure during the exam.

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Plan exams

With the help of a booking calendar, clients can easily see the booking availability and seating availability and plan their examination accordingly.