Parakh Online Pvt Ltd developed complete assessment solutions to provide end-to-end online and offline assessment solutions to the corporate, government bodies, and educational institutes.

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Registration Portal

C.A.S offers an online registration portal, where candidates can see the details of examination, book examination, and directly download admit cards.

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Candidate Mapping & Admit Card

Candidates are sorted according to the schedule and the location. After the exam centers are finalized, the admit cards are generated. Students can download the admit cards from the portal.

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Question Bank Management

Exam organizers can set up multiple sets of question papers under the client's supervision. After that, the question papers are uploaded to the server and distributed to the candidates pc securely.

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Exam Center Management

C.A.S. helps finalize the exam centers, conduct audits, and conduct mock exams to ensure that the exam process is smooth before the actual exam.

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Biometric Verification

AADHAR-based and tablet-based biometric verification of the students is done at the exam center to authenticate candidates' identities.

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Exam Delivery

The candidates are allotted random seats based on their biometric verification. The exams are held under remote proctoring and the exam data distributed in an encrypted manner to the control center.

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C.B.T for Skill Test

C.A.S. is capable of conducting computer-based skill tests for candidates. It has an automated process for conducting an M.S. proficiency test, steno test, and typing test without any human interference.

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Post Exam Analytics

C.A.S. evaluates the student's answers in real-time and provides a detailed performance analysis report instantly after the exam.