Parakh Online Pvt Ltd provides a career counselling assessment solution which takes career counselling assessment tests of the students of 5th to 12th standard. Based on the results of these computer-based and tablet-based tests, experts evaluate the students and give career suggestions to them.

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Take the Assessment Test

Students from 5th standard to 12th standard first take the assessment exam.

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Session with Expert

After the assessment, an expert will discuss the assessment report with the student and their parents

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Get Detailed Information

The expert will give a detailed overview of careers suitable for the student- Where will they work, how much they will be paid, and a lot more.


Computer and tablet-based assessment

The assessments are paperless and created with psychologists and human resources experts to assess the student accurately.

Proven Industry Expert

Our career counselors are well-know industry experts, and all the information shared is checked and verified by them.