Intern Accounting

About Company

Parakh Online Ltd. is an IT company where we build foolproof IT solutions for Examination owners, Academic, Institutions, and Government Bodies by leveraging best technology and increase its adoption among our stakeholders. Our vision is to bring a fundamental change in the current process of activities taking place in the assessment & education industry, and also making them relevant to the digital age.

Job Description

Assisting with research, filing, data entry, and recording and maintaining accurate and complete financial records.

Preparing financial reports, such as balance sheets and income statements, invoices, and other documents.

Working with bookkeeping software.

Handling sensitive or confidential information with honesty and integrity.

Analyzing data collected in order to determine the state of the company’s financial health

Analyzing data to understand where the company is generating and losing revenue

Examining the proficiency of the software programs used to organize data

Generating financial reports that display the company’s profits, equity and cash flow

Assist with audits

Skills Required

Must be a recent graduate or actively working towards a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Accounting.

Knowledge of tally is must

Basic understanding of financial and accounting principle

Proficient in Microsoft Office

Strong verbal and written communication skills.

High level of efficiency, accuracy, and responsibility.

This is remote position

Perks and Benefits

Internship Certificate

Letter of Recommendation

Skills are transferable - The skills you acquire will never be out of use.

Comfortable Working Environment

Constant Learning Curve - You will only get better with passing times as you will be in sync with the technological changes.

You can be as creative as you want - Each day you create something from nothing. The only thing that limits you will be your imagination.

Professional Development - Get opportunities for professional development, to master new skills and to grow into other roles.

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