Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd. has in-house fully equipped exam venues capable of conducting different types of examinations. The exam centers are equipped with the latest computer systems, security cameras, biometric authentication systems, power backups, lifts, AC, and washroom for smooth and secure exam conduction.

Exam Venues Exam Venues

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In-house Exam Centers

We provide inhouse exam venues with 450+ seats on each platform.

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Suitable Location

All exam centers are close to public transport.


Build with the latest hardwere

All the exam venues are made with the latest upgradable computer systeams, network switches, and more.



All the exam centers are fully secured with security cameras and biometric authentication.

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Power Backup

All the exam are equipped with high capacity UPS and diesel generators to ensure full power backup.


Basic Amenities

All the exam venues are equipped with basic amenities such as lifts, AC, washrooms, water dispensers, fire extinguishers, etc.