Content Marketing Executive

About Company

Parakh Online Ltd. is an IT company where we build foolproof IT solutions for Examination owners, Academic, Institutions, and Government Bodies by leveraging best technology and increase its adoption among our stakeholders. Our vision is to bring a fundamental change in the current process of activities taking place in the assessment & education industry, and also making them relevant to the digital age.

Job Description

You will be working on different content management systems, keyword research tools, & analytics to create quality content for running marketing campaigns with senior management. All this will be performed under supervision of professionals.

Responsible for creating creative content for writing stories, reviews and Infographics for SEO, Social Media and Email Campaigns.

User-friendly content for Website – The reader must be able to understand the meaning behind the content clearly

Maintaining and updating Articles, Blogs, Campaigns, Scripts, etc. as per the organization and the customer needs based on KPIs.

Sustaining the Quality of the content (both new and existing) with continuous research under a professional team.

This is a remote position.

Skills Required

Proven work experience as a Content marketer

Hands on experience with MS Office and WordPress or any other tool

Knowledge of SEO and web traffic metrics

Familiarity with social media

Excellent writing skills in English

Perks and Benefits

The Skills are transferable - The skills you acquire will never be out of use.

Comfortable Working Environment

Constant Learning Curve - You will only get better with passing times as you will be in sync with the technological changes.

You can be as creative as you want - Each day you create something from nothing. The only thing that limits you will be your imagination.

Professional Development - Get opportunities for professional development, to master new skills and to grow into other roles.

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