A job is considered more than just daily statistics of employee performance. It is about relationships, challenges, learning, transparency, growth-all coming together to represent the quintessence of choosing one job over the other - finding meaning in what they do.

"The work environment can bring out the 'best' or the 'worst' in you."

Growth With Us

Parakh Online Pvt Ltd is an enterprises with bold strategies, innovative cultures, inclusive workforces, and great expectations. Who provides opportunities for continual self-renewal via modern learning strategies and digital technologies. It welcomes employees who can flourish in a fast-paced, diverse work environment and who have a zeal & commitment to the very highest standards of honesty, integrity and respect.

Be ready for applying your skills, knowledge and background to the exciting new challenges by sending your updated resume on and also by filling out the form.

Benefits of working at Parakh Online Pvt. Ltd.

  • Rewards for good performance and stability in the organization.
  • Training and upskilling programs/session for the employees.
  • Employee referral program.
  • Game and activity festival celebrations, birthday party and success club.
  • State of the art infra equipped with all basic amenities.
  • Flexible policy.

Friendly Work Environment

Transparent Work Culture

A Chance to Grow and Learn

Interesting & Challenging Tasks

Mentoring Work Culture

Right Workplace Fit System