Software Services.

Here we offers innovative technology solutions for all business needs.


IT Infrastructure Services.

All type of customized solution are created for various customized needs related to IT-infrastructure.

Assessment Services.

Complete end to end services are provided for both the industry (online & offline).



(Complete Institute Management Solution)

A one stop source for all operational needs for institute management


Web Development

Personalised web space is created for different sector & for their need.

App Development

Customized solutions are offered to fulfill distinct need for application development, the need of the client.

In-House Test-Engine

We possess our own In house ROBUST test-engine which is highly secure & simplified

Innovative Technology

Through new business models we integrate creative thoughts into the technology not new technique which gives attractive results.

Data Center Creation

Continuous support for data center creation related operations is offered, which promises uninterrupted service delivery ultimately.

IT-Set-up Creation

IT set-up creation various needs such as exam center, various kind of offices, call centers, study labs etc. are made on demand.

Online Infrastructure

We possess a PAN India network of exam centers & related infrastructure. It helps to execute state specific or region specific projects


Complete Institution Management Solution offers an integrated platform for the test preparation industry & for its overall management.

Trained Manpower

We offer a pool of trained manpower for both technical & (nontechnical) operation related skilled manpower for fulfilling the industry specific & project specific needs.

Biometric Operation Solutions

Aadhar based customised biometric solution are offered for various purposes such as registration, identification database etc.

Data Security & Management

Maintaining the integrity of the data is ensured while the service of managing the data is offered to customer such as Data Encryption, Tokenisation & Key Management

OMR Printing, Scanning, Publishing

We offer low-cost OMR solution for educational applications & process. Along with the printing & electronically scanning of OMR.


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